the world health organization believes that the agent COVID-19 is not transmitted through tiny particles that linger in the air. Who believes that the infection is only possible through larger droplets, which are allocated from the nasopharynx of infected when sneezing or coughing and soon settle on the floor or ground. The opinion of the organization challenge 239 scientists, the article reads The New York Times.

They turn to the who to recognize the importance of infection by biomaterials which remain in the air and are so small that they do not help ordinary mask.

the Organization have to review their recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus infection, said in the letter scientists. So, protective masks because of the threat of transmission through airborne droplets should be mandatory in the room, and the doctors will have to defend against the coronavirus exclusively with the most “fancy” of N95 respirators. You also need to minimize the risk of proliferation of COVID-19 through the ventilation system, cites the opinion of experts NYT.

Meanwhile, the representative of Oxford Center of evidence-based medicine Tom Jefferson, said that the new coronavirus unlikely to have originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan. According to medic, the virus before the pandemic was in a “sleep” in different parts of the world. As soon as some “natural factors coincided,” he revealed, informs emanating in London The Telegraph.

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