It is hero that you stick to the skin for life. Powerful Viking with a big heart, tied above all to protect his family, Thorgal is part of those. The cartoonist Grzegorz Rosinski, who created of all parts, there are close to forty years, with the complicity of the writer to the gold fingers, Jean Van Hamme, knows something.

With the publication of Aniel , last album signed with his hand, Rosinski, 77 years of age, his farewell graphics to this saga cult he was animated with all the passion and virtuosity aesthetic of a lord of the ninth item Is known, the famous slogan of the Journal de Tintin committed “young people from 7 to 77 years old” to read the adventures of the heroes of the comic franco-belgian.

The designer of Polish descent, soon reaching the shore of its 78 spring, will continue to read COMICS? “Of course! This is not because I will soon be 78 years old that I will not read more of the comic strip, ” replied the person. I intend to keep me abreast of what …

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