Guard Karimov, Russian scientist shot in the head, went to put in the temple of the Russian Orthodox Church a candle for the health of his victim

a Court in St. Petersburg dismissed the application for the house arrest of the man who shot him in the head the young man. The conflict between the guard and the client company occurred on Nevsky Prospekt on June 4th.

the judge Zaur Karimov arrested and will stay in jail until 4 August.

According to the joint press-services of the municipal courts, he arrested the guard who already has at least one conviction, called the shooting an accident. Karimov, who disappeared and was found a day later, a criminal case on attempted murder.

Interestingly, the accused told the court that didn’t run away from the scene, and “went to the Meadow to put a candle for health of the victim to the mother of God”.

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