One might think that the saxophone player Guillaume Perret would put a little water in his wine to make the soundtrack of the film of Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff, 16 Sunrises , on the adventure of a spationaut French aboard the international space Station. But no. Make a music film does not presume to erase, even if the images are a power to be breathtaking. Guillaume Perret has made Guillaume Perret, jazz inspired rock music, powerful and open.

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The first album of this Annécien caught the ear of John Zorn, who signed him to his label. Guillaume Perret is a rocker who plays jazz. He electrified his saxo, shot in solo with this idea, using loopers, small machines that can be used to make live loops. The emotion, the more that the intellectualization, this is what the one who “tries to surprise”.

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His experimentation in solo saxo electric has led around the world and in front of large audiences, especially in the first part of Ibrahim Maalouf. He returned to the stage in quartet with Yessaï Karapetian (keyboards), Julien Herné on bass and Martin Wangermée (drums), to play his latest compositions. It integrates the electro, the power of rock and a free-style inspired as well a rap that the canvas of the jazz classic.

Guillaume Perret

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