long before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, astronauts of the mission Apollo XI, do not arise on the moon, 21 July 1969, writers, philosophers, poets had dreamed of this feat is insane. Among them, Hergé, Jules Verne, Lucian, H. G. Wells, Cyrano de Bergerac, and Norman Mailer.

Here, we are talking about an author who has written, among other things, and excuse me a little: The Machine to explore the time , The invisible Man , the War of The worlds , The Island of doctor Moreau … Herbert George Wells, said H. G. Wells. A man born in 1866, in Bromley, in the county of Kent, England, born to a poor family – his mother was a maid, his father a gardener -, who published, in 1901, The First Men in the Moon . Sixty-eight years before Neil Armstrong, the first – real – man to set foot on the Moon, in July 1969.

The Dawn

The more extraordinary when one re-reads this novel is that it is still on the way so masterful, as much on the form, full of wit and humour, …

I log

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