Inhabitants of Khabarovsk have protested for two weeks in a row. They didn’t believe Putin was appointed acting Governor Mikhail Degtyarev.

As can be seen from today’s video DVHAB.RU the townspeople during the rally chanted slogans: “Freedom”; “an Honest court in Khabarovsk”; “Furgal, we are with you”; “We are here”; “We came on our own”; “Khabarovsk, come out”; “Russia, Wake up”; “Shame on the Russian media”; “Russia will be free” and others.

the participants Also put forward a new acting Governor Mikhail Degtyarev, a number of requirements and suggestions. In General, citizens think that with him “nothing will change”, but people are not sure that he knows what he’s doing. “I think he doesn’t know what to do, because he’s absolutely not ours,” said one of the interlocutors of the journalist of the far Eastern Agency.

the Townspeople gave Degtyarev advice: “to defuse the tension here is that social, which now rallies. Go out to the people to calm down”; “to Create jobs, it is most important to people from here did not leave”; “to Revise, perhaps, the redistribution of budget is not to leave all the lion’s share [of income] to Moscow, to the Khabarovsk region to have more money”; “With gasoline must have something to do. Growing by leaps and bounds. To raise wages”.

“first and foremost he needs to calm down as a nation, to be credible, to bring us hope that our rights and interests will be protected, because now, perhaps, all citizens residing on the territory of Khabarovsk Krai, confident that their rights and interests papercuts,” said the official of one of the residents of Khabarovsk.

on the Eve and on Friday the acting head of the region Mikhail Degtyaryov has expressed confidence about the fact that in the last days the protests allegedly organized and supported from abroad.

GoroAna does not agree: “We don’t need a guide. We went out to Express their opinions themselves, we don’t want someone to do this”; “Khabarovsk protests differ, oddly enough, full decentralization. Everyone is responsible for himself. Nobody nowhere calls absolutely.”

it is Worth noting that in Khabarovsk the protests involved a significant number of women, many of whom bring their children with them. “We will rally to the last”; “a Little hard to believe that everything will work out. But while you have the chance, I will fight to the end,” say habarovchanin.

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