Still a big slap to the déclinistes! Yes, there is a golden age of French song. Except that it is not behind us: we currently live in. And this is one of the great merits of the Opéra-Comique to have figured out that it only makes sense to rehabilitate a directory forgotten that if interpreters of the first order, bring their talent and their fame at the service not of self-promotion, but for the respect of style.

This preamble to tell you that it is not sure that it has ever better sung the Hamlet of Ambroise Thomas only in this moment on the stage of the Salle Favart. And here is the composer’s most maligned in the history of French music unveils the riches of a style certainly often patchwork, and sometimes a fireman, but always clever to create atmospheres of theatre.

We must first two performers of exception. Stéphane Degout is Hamlet physically and vocally. The French baritone is at the peak of an art that he has done as Polish, and perfect with the …

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