J. K. Rowling has not finished with Harry Potter. On his site Pottermore.com the novelist uk announces the publication of four new books in digital format dedicated to the world of his famous sorcerer. Entitled Harry Potter: A History of Magic – discover… , this series of books do not narrate new adventures of the hero, but will be devoted to the subjects taught at Hogwarts. “It will take you back again in the time to familiarize yourself with the traditional folklore and the magic at the heart of the Harry Potter stories,” one can still read in the press release. It is inspired by the exhibition of the same name held at the British Library in London in 2017.

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Two books will come out on June 27. The first will be dedicated to charms and defense against the forces of evil”, the second “to potions and botany”. The other two strands, one devoted to “the care of magical creatures”, the other “divinations and astronomy” will be published a little later. These four e-books available in English, French, Italian and German will also include notes, manuscript pages and sketches. They are already available for pre-order.

Since 1997 and the publication of the first volume of the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling have sold over 450 million copies. The last part of the saga, Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows , was published in 2007. The british publisher Bloomsbury has always been able to effectively ride the wave of success. In 2017, to celebrate twenty years of the saga, she had published four editions anniversary of Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone . A theatre piece, the Harry Potter and the Child cursed , later played the Palace Theatre in London, is also output. It should be noted that four new books to be published are not written by the British multimillionaire.

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