and Feet tied, Harvey Weinstein will have to wait for his trial next month before being able to move an inch. Electronic Bracelet around the ankle, the producer forfeits the formal ban to get out of New York and Connecticut without the court’s permission. Tuesday, the request of a former boss of Miramax to go to Europe for meetings business in the month of August has been dismissed by the american courts, reveals Variety .

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The lawyer Harvey Weinstein, Arthur Aidala, has asked in a letter to judge James Burke on Tuesday to allow his client to travel to Rome to meet with Giuseppe Tornatore, director of the film Cinema Paradiso , and Ennio Morricone, at the age of 90, and the inability to travel to the United States. The meeting should lead to an eventual adaptation on the boards of the film, oscar-winning.

“popular Vengeance”

The judge in Manhattan, James Burke, had refused the request without explanation. The lawyers of Weinstein lamented a climate of repression surrounding their client. “Here is a person presumed to be innocent who has obeyed with each of the terms of his release on bail and who has not been able to work for nearly two years, said her lawyer, Donna Rotunno. It has prevented him from working in his sector of activity, and as he tries to win his life honestly, the justice system denies him this right. This illustrates the problem, even before the trial, condemnation, and punishment leading to the popular vengeance.”

Weinstein had distributed Cinema Paradiso in addition to-Atlantic, in which the feature-length film Italian had won the oscar for best foreign film in 1990. According to Variety , the producer fallen would have also wished to go to Spain to meet with the leaders interior designers, conductors and potential investors during the trip is planned from 12 to 22 August.

Harvey Weinstein is in turmoil since a series of accusations of sexual harassment and assault have been filed against her in October 2017. The case has rocked Hollywood, leading to the creation of the movement #MeToo.