The old american producer Harvey Weinstein, already being prosecuted in two cases of sexual assault, will be heard Monday morning in front of a New York court to be notified about a new indictment, said on Thursday a spokesperson for the prosecutor of Manhattan. The content of the indictment has not been identified in the immediate and the spokesperson for the prosecutor Cyrus Vance has denied any indication. But according to the american media, it would be the actress Annabella Sciorra, famous for her role in the series The sopranos.

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“It will be there Monday,” said Damon Cheronis, one of the lawyers of the ex-producer. “He will plead not guilty because he is not guilty,” he added. Long regarded as one of the producers of the most influential of Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein, 67, will be held from 9 September by the court of Manhattan. Weinstein has decided to plead not guilty to all five charges against him, including those of rape and sexual assault. If he is convicted, he faces a life sentence.

The public ministry accuses Harvey Weinstein of sexually assaulting two women in 2006 and 2013. Last week, the New York Times indicated that the services of the attorney Vance sought to obtain a new indictment by a grand jury, which would allow the actress Annabella Sciorra (known for her role in the series The sopranos ) to testify. Now aged 59, she says she was raped by Weinstein, in the early 90’s.

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