He called on Germany to abandon the

member of the Bundestag Alexander Lambsdorff, representing the Free democratic party (FDP) of Germany, called the killing of a citizen of Georgia in Berlin as a threat to the sovereignty of the country. This is stated in the material Bild.

Bloody crime “in the center of the capital, a few hundred meters from government buildings, is a serious attack on the sovereignty of Germany”, said the MP. For this reason, he stressed, the country is obliged several times to “think before you lay the cash pipeline (“Nord stream-2” — “Rosbalt”) to Moscow to receive gas from Russia.”

Deputy head of the faction of free Democrats called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, together with its allies in the EU to consider the overall response to the assassination of Zelimkhan khangoshvili, an ethnic Chechen with a Georgian citizenship. So, according to Lambsdorff, in the case of poisoning in Salisbury “Russian agents” Sergei Skripal, EU member States “jointly sent 140 Russian diplomats”. Note that Russia involvement in the case of “new” England denies.

the MP also reminded about the existence of other suppliers of “blue fuel” that could supply Germany. At the same time he doubts that during the period when construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” is coming to an end, Merkel will be able to “attract other Europeans”.

Angela Merkel had not ruled out that Berlin would impose sanctions against Russia due to the elimination of Russian Vadim and Krasikova former field commander khangoshvili, who fought on the side of the separatists in Chechnya. The politician noted that the blame Krasikova first court shall determine.

the Nord Stream Consortium 2 with the participation of “Gazprom” pads on the bottom of the Baltic sea pipeline. It was claimed that “Nord stream-2” is an alternative to transit through Ukraine.

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