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He did not like the hard rock, the agent of the town council puts an end to the festival Thionville


the city Center of Thionville, Saturday evening. While the group of metal, Dusk of Delusion is in the middle of a concert in the framework of the Rock Electro Festival, the main speakers are cut off. More a sound. The public protests, but nothing. It is about 21: 30 and the third edition of this festival is completed, two and a half hours before the scheduled time. How the second evening of the festival was she able to turn as well into a fiasco?

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According to a press release published on the page Facebook of Thionville, an agent of the city council responsible for the organisation of the event intervened to ask to turn down the sound after complaints from local residents because of its “very strong”. “The exchanges have not been successful, the concert has been interrupted”, added the press release.

“It is a people problem,” adds the Figaro Pierrick Grall, the director of the office of the mayor, which ensures that no elected official of the city was present this evening.

“He was aggressive,”

things did not, however, carried so easily, to believe the organization of the festival. “This agent was aggressive,” says Matthew Metz, one of the organizers. According to him, the municipal employee, allegedly threatened physically sound engineer of the festival to force him to cut the music. “This is not music, this is noise,” he reportedly said, according to Mathieu Metz. The latter specifies that the head of the town council was aware of the style of music played that evening because he himself had printed the prospectus of the programming.

For complaints from neighbouring residents about the noise, Mathieu Metz ensures that “the volume was lower than at the first concert”. “We measured the volume to 86 decibels ( 16 decibels below the legal limit, editor’s note ), what the agent knew, since I had sent by SMS”. “There are always complaints from local residents when it is in the centre of town, it was to be expected,” continued the organizer. Last year there was metal also, but it was off-centre to the second night of the festival.”

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Thionville, it is finished

The mayor has contacted the heads of the festival, but Mathieu Metz is categorical, the event will not be in Thionville, in the next year. “The goal was to invigorate the city centre. It will be done elsewhere, we will find it”, he says.

“The problem this is not the town hall but it defends a person who is taken for a king.” Contacted, the officer in charge of the judgment of the concert did not respond to our solicitations.