He died a famous Soviet and Russian orientalist Evgeni Chelyshev

Moscow on the 99 th year of life died a famous Soviet and Russian orientalist, literary critic, scholar and translator Yevgeny Chelyshev. On the death of the academician has informed “Interfax” at the Institute of Oriental studies.

Chelyshev was a veteran of the great Patriotic war, was held Stalingrad, worked as a translator for the interrogation of prisoners, and also took part in the Victory parade on 24 June 1945.

Yevgeny Chelyshev BVL one of the most famous world experts on the culture and literature of India. Over 30 years he worked at the Institute of Oriental studies, has written over a dozen books and hundreds of scientific articles, created a domestic school of research of modern Oriental literature and culture.

he was Awarded many military decorations and medals, including two orders of red Star (1944, 1949), order of the Patriotic war II degree (1985), the medal “For military merit”.

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