“He turned to me and he said to me: “You are my great love””. A few days after the death of Michel Legrand, actress Macha Méril has entrusted to Marc-Olivier Fogiel at the microphone of RTL Evening the last words of the composer. It is also delivered, with emotion, on the final moments that they shared before it turns off.

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Macha Méril will be stayed “until the end” with the genius composer. “I could see that it was the end,” she says. According to the actress, Michel Legrand would have even had “great moments of lucidity and thinning”. She confesses, however, have had trouble sleeping with his beloved in the few days leading up to his death. “It was too hard […], he called me all the time”.

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The last evening of the priming, the two lovebirds of 86 and 78 years old found yet. “It has to be expected. That night, I was next to him.” It was around two in the morning she notices that her husband is breathing poorly. After calling a nurse, she meets the gaze of Michel Legrand and sees “stop breathing”.

“It is in details that are difficult, because the background is tremendous”

Macha Méril

the musician to The origin of the themes of more than two hundred films, including the famous peau D’âne (1970) and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) by Jacques Demy, had first lived really fell in love with Macha Méril the time of a film festival in Brazil. Married and the father of two children at the time, he and the actress separated reluctantly at the airport in Rio, on the grounds that it is better to leave it there. “In another life, maybe”, would they be promised, as the actress was told to in 2015 (Obs) . A wish come true, fifty years later, in 2014, when the two of them together and get married finally.

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Macha Méril, daughter of prince Vladimir Gagarin, feels responsible for the memory of her deceased husband. The one who leaves behind him a rich musical result, with its numerous collaborations with the greatest artists of his generation, deserves it as “someone [extends] what he has done and what he is.” In the life, death, and Michel Legrand will not cease to turn the mills of her heart.