The puncture still does not pass. Since the announcement, at the end of September, of the 250 million euros in savings to be made by will or by force in their sector, liberal biologists have been alarmed by a “plane blow” and are opposed to it by all means. means.

Fearing a lasting drop in prices, they first proposed an “exceptional tax” of the same amount, in respect of the profits made thanks to the Covid tests. In the absence of an agreement, they then stopped transmitting the results of these screenings to the national SI-DEP file, disrupting the monitoring of the epidemic for a week.

A boycott deemed “inconsequential” and “inadmissible” by the Minister of Health, François Braun, who even accused them of “taking the entire population hostage”.

This warning shot did not move the lines: received Monday evening at Health Insurance, the biologists came out of it by denouncing “austerity madness” and calling for a “renewable strike” from November 14.

The movement, which should last at least three days, is also supported by the large groups of private laboratories (Biogroup, Cerba, Eurofins, Inovie, Synlab), as well as by the network of Independent Biologists (LBI).

Several unions from other professions have also lent their support to the biologists, including the eleven organizations grouped together within the Health Liberals, as well as the doctors of the UFML.

But the executive is sticking to its position. “I maintain the target, it will succeed,” said Mr. Braun again on Tuesday, estimating that “with a gross surplus of 3 billion, they can make an effort of 250 million”.

Health Insurance “continues for its part to favor dialogue” and “deeply regrets the call for a strike”, judging its proposals “fully sustainable for the biology sector”.

The biologists however received this week the reinforcement of the Senate during the examination of the draft budget of the social security.

Embracing their claim, the High Assembly voted for an amendment transforming this “permanent reduction into an exceptional contribution of 250 million euros in 2023.

An outstretched hand which “reopens the way to a negotiated solution”, judge the liberal biologists.

It is up to the government and the National Assembly to “seize this opportunity”, they argued.