Heating season in St. Petersburg, the record stretches from the cool may

In the Northern capital on may 26 completes the heating season. Officials acknowledged that he became the longest in 40 years. At the same time that the city will be hard to heat at first nobody expected: the winter was warm.

that All changed because of the treachery of the last of the spring months. If the cold in April, it was still understandable, it may drop in temperature that lasted at least 10 days, was a surprise.

According to the message of the St. Petersburg Committee for energy, the duration of the heating season 2019/20 amounted to 254 days. “This contributed to the reduced temperature in may, when at night the thermometer dropped to 2 degrees,” — said in the message. Re-enabling the supply of heat from 12 to 22 may, energy is not allowed to freeze people who have isolated themselves in their apartments due to a virus. However, and to pay for heating in St Petersburg this year will be longer than usual.

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