It was still the twilight of its life, a solar being. Jean d’ormesson, died on December 5, 2017. Since then, the Academician has never been so radiant. In the bookstore – after the publication of the 2nd volume of his works in the Pléiade edition, his book, the posthumous A hosanna without end has been presented in preview at the Fair of Brive – on the boards – his play The Conversation is currently being played at the Théâtre du Gymnase Marie-Bell – and even to the cinema. The journalist Laurent Delahousse fate Monsieur , a documentary film on the writer, December 5, in the dark rooms.

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Le Figaro opens its pages on November 14, Jean d’ormesson, and publishes the good leaves manuscript of his book A hosanna without end . It also organizes, on the 26 of November, a tribute evening to the writer. Alexis Brézet, the editor in chief, Vincent Tremolet de Villers, deputy director of the editorial board, will receive the academician Jean-Marie Rouart and Stephen keith j. watson, director of the Figaro Littéraire . The actor Maxime d’aboville will read texts by the author of The pleasure of God . A “very good choice” according to Héloïse d’ormesson, who will attend in your family, in the event. The founder of the house of Héloïse d’ormesson and the daughter of Jean d’ormesson responds to questions from the Figaro .

Héloïse d’ormesson, alongside his father, Jean d’ormesson, (2009). ©Corinne MARIAUD/Opal/Leemage

LE FIGARO. – This latest book, A hosanna without end , is not the first time that you post of your father. This publication, posthumously, does it have a particular value?

Héloïse D’ORMESSON. – Yes, it has a value it very special. When one reads the book, one discovers a text that manifests a certain degree of completeness, without any nostalgia or sadness. It is the image of my father. It is for this that it is overwhelming and it most certainly will be, moving for the reader. We find and we hear Jean d’ormesson. This is a book that is extraordinarily simple and accessible while addressing existential questions. One has the impression that we breath to the ear any of its pages. This collection, however, is a little bit to share. He finishes this trilogy he had begun with A song of hope. This is the sketch of his part there may be less humour, but it offers a meditation. It is a “party in tears” in his words.

“for me It is a miracle that the book A hosanna without end exists”

Can we talk about book testament?

This book is a testament, yes, but it is not twilight. One often associates the word testament, the terms mourning and death. However, it can be joyful. There is here the idea of perpetuation, extension and rebirth. A hosanna without end is clearly the book of a man who was not afraid of death. He knew at the time he wrote, it was very close. But he wondered what would be infinitely less on death than on the mystery of life. He continued to rejoice in the final minutes. Jean d’ormesson, celebrated life. And life him well. I have the impression that it is more present today than it was in his lifetime.

do You expect to be a bestseller?

We did a first print run of 140 000 copies. This is already important, but I didn’t want to go beyond it, by superstition. Publish this book is already wonderful. For me it is a miracle that it exists. I knew that he had begun to write in the summer of 2017. He had told me that I was using, but I had not specified the have completed. I discovered on the day of his death he had finished his book.

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A hosanna without end opens with a handwritten page. Was it his choice?

No, it is I who have chosen to publish this page. I explained in the Warning to the reader. My father wrote by hand, the old fashioned way. Then, he gave his text to the typing before the resume a countless number of times and annotate it. It took all his slips to the comma near. However, this work, which was intimately part of the process of its creation, it has been only very partially in A hosanna without end . It is a completed manuscript, but he did not combed. The last forty pages are his handwritten version. It is for this reason that I wanted to insert a facsimile of his manuscript. Each of us will feel very moved because everyone knows that this is his last book.

“It would surely have been delighted that local schools and libraries bear his name”

Is this really the last book?

I doubt that he left a text without having felt the need to send it to the typing. But you never know… This year has been extremely dense. There have been many tributes and events that contributed to the fact that I have not yet found neither the time nor the strength to immerse myself in his papers.

there are a number of manuscripts that I have seen in his office. So, this is going to be my job next year. To put some order in his papers and handing them over to French National Library, as was his wish. I have not yet approached. But it will get done.

All his manuscripts are they concerned?

I’m not at all sure of being able to find his forty manuscripts. But all the ones I could find, will be offered to the BNF. I do not believe that there will be brand new among them, but if this is the case, we will post them.

have Your father had another wish on his work?

My father was the wish of all writers: to be read after her death. Up to now, we can say that his wish has been granted. There has been record sales last year in December. It’s pretty amazing what happens! For Jean d’ormesson, the truth of a work is when it is read one or two generations after its author. Apart from that, it was the custom to say: “It is necessary to despise the honors, but we don’t hate all that you despise.” However, it would surely have been delighted that local schools and libraries bear his name.