“They become the masters, the commercialism creeps in everywhere,” said in an interview with the AFP Jack Lang. A few hours of the new Days of the inheritance, which he had launched in 1984, the former minister of Culture denounced the private investors who operate on these sites. “I think the renovation of the railway station of the North”, he explained, alluding to the gigantic renovation project giving a central place to shops, termed”unacceptable” by a score of leading architects and urban planners. Jack Lang has also blasted “the damage inflicted in the towns and countryside by the “concreting ” widespread”, stating that the “springboard” that constitute the Heritage Days, “acclaimed” by the French, “conceals flaws, injury of the system”.

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“national Education, shall develop, with the ministry of Culture, a training plan over several years to train young people”.

Jack Lang

“we need to find remedies against a form of culture urban and architectural environment that comes from a lack of training in the education system”, says the former minister. “It would have to be that professional colleges should be encouraged to the formation of heritage. There is an extraordinary reservoir it is necessary to foster, trades anoblissants, the businesses of the future”, he argued, highlighting the “lack of craftsmen, from stone cutters” and the fact that “the construction of Notre-Dame will suck part of the resources”. “National Education should develop with the ministry of Culture, a training plan over several years to train young people”.

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Welcoming the “commitment” of the president and Emmanuel Macron, the minister of Culture, Franck Riester and presenter Stéphane Bern, Jack Lang denounced “the fragmentation of the national action” in terms of architecture, “the erosion in the last twenty years of the appropriation of historical monuments”. He requested a budget exception to the side of the normal budget” for the “heavy operation”. “The serious lack of funds for maintenance, inadequate protection of assets not classified”, “the insufficient attention paid to the heritage of the Twentieth century” are the other evils of the system denounced by the former minister.