They had sent their nomination to the mission to Bern in the beginning of last year, hoping to become a happy beneficiary of the new lottery heritage. Nine months later, while the 2.5 million French have played in the lottery, and that 12 million tickets scratch cards have been sold (or 172 million updates!), 250 recipients will receive a check from the heritage Foundation. The detail of the amounts allocated, region by region, we publish exclusive, shows that some monuments are to benefit from are plump. In addition to the 18 iconic sites that will receive 5.2 million, the abbey of Loroy (Centre) will collect 135.000 euros, the lavoir de Lormont (Gironde), 60,000 euros, the villa balsam Fir Barcelonnette (Provence), 85,000 euros, the troglodyte village of Barry in Bollène (Vaucluse), 198.000, and the plantation Mont Vernon in Saint-Martin (Caribbean), 353.000.

The buildings are not protected, and unclassified have been privileged. Those small municipalities are …

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