It starts with Josette Baïz. The lady is incredible. She is rocking the youth of the Group Granada, as well as pros. She has written The Final , happy fiction, with a dance contest that are out of control. Béjart had made a thriller, it is a feast. The performers spend krumping to popping or break. Suite with Chantal Loïal. The ex-soloist of Montalvo starts a project around the tickets are filed away historical of Guadeloupe. Travel round and square places it next to those of hip-hop dancers.

Suresnes cités danse. Julien Benhamou / Adeline Goyet

no One will miss not Andrew Skeels choreographer for the Grands Ballets Canadiens, which is carving out an international career. Its Finding Now is already a must. Anthony Egéa with the Muses created for two dancers on a musical composition played by two pianists who binds Carmen, the Bolero and the Prelude to the afternoon of a faun. Lene Boel, choreographer danes who worked on the rituals inuit, a sign of the end of the 27th edition with the Forces of the North. This program consists of three parts, of which Super Human , for seven dancers. Between these main titles, parties Cities Dance Connections program, in particular a creation of Rafael Smadja, Junior Bosila or Salim Mzé Hamadi Moissi.

Suresnes cités danse Théâtre Jean-Vilar 16 place Stalingrad, Suresnes (92).
Tel.: 01 46 97 98 10.
Dates: from 11 January to 3 February
seating: from 30 to 10 €.