His mother died in an accident with the former judge on the highway

the Mother of Vladislav Gradskogo, who died in a traffic accident on the Federal highway “Kavkaz”, which was arranged by a former justice of the peace of Karachay-Cherkessia Maxim Yakush, said the civil suit against ex-judge.

the Woman appreciated your nravstvennye and physical suffering of 2.5 million rubles, said her lawyer, Andrei Sabinin.

the statement noted that after the accident during the investigation of the criminal case Yakush “no material assistance is not provided, no apology for the incident has brought”. The woman also notes that “given the materials of the criminal case he tries to shirk responsibility”.

the accident occurred in may 2018. Maxim Yakush has left on an oncoming lane at a speed of about 150 km/h and crashed into the car in which except the driver there were two companions who found the car through the service BlaBlaCar. Vladislav Gladsky died at the scene, a second passenger, without regaining consciousness, died in hospital. The driver was seriously injured, but survived.

a Criminal case against yakusa was initiated in September 2018, and since then conducted the necessary expertise. In June 2019 Qualification Collegium of judges KCR has suspended powers Akusha as magistrate.

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