Historian Andrey Dmitriev told how Eastern Europe became a socialist

In the framework of the project “jam session” in the press center “Rosbalta” historian Andrey Dmitriev told how he formed the Pro-Soviet “side” of European countries on the example of the film “conspiracy of the doomed”.

“the Process of establishing socialist regimes in Eastern Europe was complex, heterogeneous, and took more than one year. Not everything is solved “Soviet bayonets”, took place the sharp struggle of various political forces, including the election and during street demonstrations. The attitude of the population to the new order was different from full adoption in Bulgaria to active resistance in Hungary. However, 1948-1949 years everywhere (with the exception of Yugoslavia) were installed brand loyal Soviet government. Combined with the victory of the Communists in China, then recognizing the primacy of Moscow, it gives us the right to say that the beginning of 50-ies of the last century — the period of greatest historical and geopolitical power of our country” — said Dmitriev.

According to the historian, the film “conspiracy of the doomed” shows an abstract state, which, however, refers to the specific events in Czechoslovakia, Romania and Hungary, but some heroes have real historical prototypes. The movie is an example of the best political campaign, successful as the scenario and the cast (Alexander Vertinsky in the role of a Catholic cardinal, Maxim Strauch — the American Ambassador, etc.).

“In 1930-50-ies have been made under every political and military campaign to take high-quality movie. “The East wind” Abram of the room, “the Light in the Coordination of” Herbert Rapoport, “Court of honor” of the same room, and so on. Now this is not, but about the quality of the primitive crafts, such as “Olympus Inferno” about a five-day war or “the Crimea” on the events of 2014 do not have to say,” added the WIRTrieu.

Complete video lecture can be viewed at the link.

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