Historian Andrey Dmitriev told why before the beginning of the great Patriotic war, the Baltic States very easily became part of the USSR

a Week ago, June 21, took place the eightieth anniversary of the entry of the Baltic countries into the Soviet Union. During the “Online jam session,” historian Andrei Dmitriev told why “solar revolution” took place in accordance with international and national law, with all legitimate procedures without significant resistance and violence and in a very short time.

“first, the Soviet Union and left-wing ideas had a considerable popularity among the local population. During the civil war in all the republics there was a lot of red. For example, in the elections to the Constituent Assembly of Estonia in 1918, the Bolsheviks received 37%. Some successes of the Union and their propaganda gave hope to the workers, peasants, intellectuals — in a large part left for a better life. This contributed to economic difficulties such as the plight of peasants, workers, poverty, fatigue from authoritarian governments,” — said Dmitriev.

second, according to the historian, the ruling elites and dissenting part of the population in the beginning of the Second World war had no choice. Not obey the requirements of the Moscow troops still would have come. This “law” then played in reverse in the arrival of the Nazis, which the population of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in General also met loyal.

According to experts, studying the given case, is to draw an important conclusion for the present. “From the point of view of political technologies, these events can be called a classic color revolution. After all, what is a color revolution? When the power is changing under the pressure of taking to the streets discontented masses and with the active support from the outside. As it was on the Maidan with the help of USA and Western countries. And then in the Crimea with Russia and “polite people”. It is clear that such techniques for large powers it is still relevant today simply because, not being the subject of their application, you can easily become the object. As can be seen, the Stalinist leadership is not only realized in full, but skillfully applied in practice”, — summed up Dmitriev.

the Full video can be viewed at the link.

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