Historian Daniil Kotsyubinsky said, what a souvenir of St. Petersburg, unites all its inhabitants

“Online jam session” the historian Daniil Kotsyubinsky explained why the only historical memory of the Northern capital, which is recognized by all, is the memory of the blockade.

“There is a memorial space, which reconciles all, any citizen, regardless of Communist, Russian nationalist, an Imperial-statists or liberal. Who take any of these people, they all share the memory of the blockade,” said Kovel.

thus, according to the historian, the memory of the blockade may be different. There’s one where on the first place there is the phrase “hero city”, is the memory where the fore famine, the death of the townspeople, but still somehow come to the memorial achieving consensus.

“Even those who focuses on this tragedy, I can’t deny the fact that people who came face to face with her, had to fight to keep something human. It is clear that they often went mad from hunger and horror, but this is a humanistic component is not denied by anyone, so this memory is a good memory space, which can each other to take representatives of the different versions of the memory of the past of St. Petersburg,” said Kovel.

According to experts, none of the variants of the historical memory of Saint-Petersburg today is a successful-optimal. In that case, if the city in the twenty-first century will develop into a liberal—democratic context, will reveal the potential of regionalist, European-inclusive memory. If the development will take place within an authoritarian paradigm that will dominate the “dominant version” of the urban memory. “Communist version” of the memory will fade away in any scenario.

“Only the memory of the blockade will retain its universal potential,” concluded Kotsyubinsky.

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