Historian Daniil Kotsyubinsky said, why has the Emperor Alexander I died in depression

“Rosbalt” continues to acquaint readers with the series of lectures Daniil Kotsyubinsky “In search of the real king,” about the history of Russia from Rurik to Putin.

On the sixteenth lecture, the historian explained why the Emperor Alexander I, despite the huge amount of success as the ruler of Russia, wanted to leave this world.

“the end of his life the Emperor met in a state of depression, which started in 1820. From 1815 to 1820, Alexander was on the rise. It seemed to him that he gets to influence Europe,” said Kovel.

According to the historian, though the Emperor did not kill himself, but he walked to his death. “He died under the burden of knowing that he did not succeed in implementing Providensky ideals. He knew that preparing the revolt of the Decembrists, but completely lost the taste for governance and autocracy. You can say that he is a figure no less tragic than Paul I”, — says Kovel.

Despite the fact that Alexander I considered that he, as the king has done little, his contribution to the history of Russia was very great. So, he significantly expanded the Western border of the country. Russia had joined the Eastern and Western Georgia, Mingrelia, Imereti, Guria, Finland, Bessarabia, and a large part of Poland. The Emperor also won significant for the Russian Empire war, including the Patriotic war of 1812. As for the domestic policy Czar held important for the future of the abolition of serfdom reform.

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