Historian Daniil Kotsyubinsky said, why Nicholas I died in the atmosphere of national hatred

“Rosbalt” continues to acquaint readers with the series of lectures Daniil Kotsyubinsky “In search of the real king,” about the history of Russia from Rurik to Putin.

On the seventeenth lecture, the historian explained why the Emperor Nicholas I remained in history as a bad ruler, but actually did a lot for Russia.

“it would Seem that Nicholas I did a lot of good for his country, and “progesterone” people had to treat him with respect, but didn’t. But Nicholas cheerfully and honestly rule over us and tried their best to achieve the goals which could not reach Alexander I”, — told Kotsyubinsky.

Here he writes about the reign of Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev, who in the reign of Nicholas I was a senior censor at the Ministry of foreign Affairs:

“Not the God you serve and not Russia,

Served as her vanity,

And all thy works, and good and evil,

it was All a lie in you, all the ghosts empty:

You were not a king, and actor.”

“And it says a high-ranking official close to the king. These lines reflect the attitude of Russian people to Nicholas at the end of his reign. Everybody is tired of his authoritarianism, of his desire to ban free political discourse, because the enlightened absolutism of the St. Petersburg period suggested as the most important Institute of political slovakofarma, people wanted to discuss politics, but the king did not give them,” said Kovel.

In the end, according to the historian, the king died unloved and devoid of respect not only of the educated class, but even the inner circle. In addition, almost all citizens in the country could not forgive his failure in the Crimean war.

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