Historian Daniil Kotsyubinsky told why Paul I — underestimated ruler

“Rosbalt” continues to acquaint readers with the series of lectures Daniil Kotsyubinsky “In search of the real king,” about the history of Russia from Rurik to Putin.

At the fifteenth lecture, the historian explained why the Emperor Paul I, which is not very complains historians, in fact, made a great contribution to improving the lives of people in our country at that time.

“the basis of all actions of Paul was a purpose to stop the course of history, stop all this “drift”, which emerged in the history of enlightened absolutism. Russia tried to europaservice, but in doing so began to create within themselves those three groups of conflicts that blew up the Empire,” said Kovel.

According to the historian, the era of Paul has shown the irreversibility of the policy of Europeanization, because he still continued to Europeanize the country in all its spheres, he was the embodiment of the European dream.

Also during those years that the Emperor was in power, began an important social policy has evolved, and the impossibility of return to the infinite terror in domestic policy that had characterized the previous rulers. But the most important result of the reign of Paul, according to the expert, was the inability to stop the development of three groups of contradictions: the development of constitutional — liberal discourse in the “top”, the deepening of differences between the “highs” and “lows” and the dependence of the authority of the Emperor from military victories and growth of the Empire.

Complete lecture on this topic can be viewed at the link.

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