Historian Sokolov about the murdered them Yeshchenko: What terrible things she wrote to me

In St. Petersburg continues to consider the case about the murder of PhD student, SPSU Anastasia Yeshchenko. Oleg Sokolov, the defendant asked the court to publicly disclose personal correspondence with the girl, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

to conduct the process behind closed doors asked the Prosecutor. In her opinion, it is unacceptable to openly examine the evidence, which reveal details of his personal life. The defendant objected sharply and passed on raised tone.

“I insist that the physical evidence was declared in public hearing, because otherwise it will be violation of the priority right. These evidence shows that the victim did, what a terrible insult it imposes, what terrible things she wrote to me as she insulted my children.

“Monstrous insults, insults to my children, to my address — screaming Sokolov. — It’s disgusting, it’s disgusting. And only by knowing these things, people can understand what happened.”

According to the defendant, the court should not hide all the details from the public, because the press created the image of the “pure innocent girls.” That’s not true, says the historian.

because Of the high pitch Sokolov made the remark. Suspended, the process continues.

Recall, according to investigators, Oleg Sokolov on the night of 8 November killed student Anastasia Eschenko, with whom they lived. During the conflict, the accused squeezed her arms about the neck of the girl and repeatedly shot her with a shotgun. The victim died on the spot. Almost a day later, falcons dismembered her body and then dumped in the Sink. The traces of the crime was not possible to hide. The defendant is charged with murder and possession of weapons.

Earlier, the historian told how fabulous was his relationship with Anastasia Yeshchenko. While in prison, he wrote a book-confession, – which has immortalized the memory of the murdered.

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