Disturbing, enlightening, sometimes funny, engaged, historical, social or cultural… documentary films attract still more the favours of the public. The genus is widely honored at the Forum des images, with the festival The Stars of the documentary, this weekend.

The event, completely free of charge, presents a selection of thirty films eclectic “each in its singularity, we speak of the world today”, can we read in a press release of the cultural institution dedicated to cinema and the audiovisual sector. Each film screening is followed by a meeting with their authors. Thirty stories taken on the spot, which are unknown territories that the viewer discovers through the eyes of these filmmakers, or filmmakers who have worked with more closely.

the story of the first director of erotic films in the cinema, that of the youth full of dreams of the cities of Aulnay-sous-Bois, in passing through the halls of history, Le Figaro offers a taste of this event through a selection of ten films. It is accompanied by the synopsis offered by the Forum des images.

Swagger , Olivier Binet

Swagger is a journey into the head of eleven children and adolescents in the figures surprising, growing up in the heart of the cities of Aulnay-sous-Bois. The film shows the world through their eyes, singular, and unexpected, thoughts, funny and hard-hitting. By deploying a mosaic of encounters and mixing of genres, up to the musical comedy and science-fiction.

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Third Spring , Arnaud Mezamat

For thirty years, the nursery Paul Sleeve Antony has been a space of welcome innovative for the children who were entrusted to him by the social welfare services. The invention of a daily caregiver, the influence of Françoise Dolto, the ambition to give a desire for life that these children have made its reputation as a institution outside standards. The life in this exceptional place, was filmed in 1999, a few months before his disappearance. Unpublished pictures to testify of the work without equivalent, was conducted.

flashback , Alain Tyr

This is the story of a kid of Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis, which lack of is losing, after years of insults by his classmates because of the profession of his father: “Dirty son of a cop!”. Drug, deal, tours, motorcycle, rock’n roll, money easy, addiction, anything goes in order to escape the unbearable world of adults. Loving parents, a camera and a camera that will break the infernal spiral…

Campo amor Havana , Joel Fargès

A young Tearooms landed in Havana in 1898 with a camera Pathé. He hopes to make a fortune with the cinématographe. But Lyon sent by Light has arrived before him. Without resource, the young man undertakes as head of a brothel kept by a countryman. To attract the customer, it rotates with the residents of the first films in the so-called “gallants” of the history of cinema. Fortune made, he built the mythical Campo Amor.

Nothingwood , by Sonia Kronlund

a hundred kilometres from Kabul, Salim Shaheen, the actor-director-producer, the most popular Afghanistan, has come to project some of his one hundred and ten movies and turn on the one hundred and eleventh. This trip in which he led his band of comedians eccentric is the opportunity to get to know this lover of the cinema, which manufactures relentlessly films of series Z in a country at war for more than thirty years.

The Passeuse of Aubrais , of Michaël Prazan

1942. An orphan, a jew chased by nazis. The “passeuse” who saved his life. An investigation into history to illuminate the shadows of a past hurt, in a France that was ambivalent and dangerous. Through the tragic destiny of a family and the look uncertain to a son about his father, seventy years after the fact, it is the whole history of the Occupation, with its martyrs, its heroes anonymous, its bastards, which comes to life under our eyes.

Magda Goebbels, first lady of the Third Reich , Antoine Vitkine

may 1, 1945, in the bunker of Adolf Hitler buried in Berlin, Magda Goebbels poisons her six children. Before giving itself to the death, it justifies his action in a letter: “life without Adolf Hitler will not be worth living.” How Magda Goebbels has become a fanatic? Over the course of an investigation of historical testimonies of the relatives and interviews with experts, this documentary, based on exceptional archives, makes us enter into the intimacy of the one who was the true first lady of the Third Reich.

Colonies fascist Loredana Bianconi

In the fascist Italy of the 1930s, the small village of Borgo, is empty of its inhabitants. Moved by the misery or the spirit of adventure, they emigrate in colonies of “the Italian Empire in Africa’. They will seek the el Dorado propaganda promised them. But, very quickly, the war and the fall of the regime lead to the loss of the colonies, forcing them to return to Borgo, having lost everything. Their words, their memories written and their photos reveal a word for a long time kills.

Braguino , Clément Cogitore

in The middle of the siberian taiga, 700 km from the lower village, settled two families enemy: Braguine and the Kiline. Refusing to speak, they live in autarky, according to their own rules and principles. Between the fear of the other, of the wild beasts, and the joy offered by the vastness of the forest, is here a tale of the beautiful and cruel in which the tension and fear helped define the geography of a conflict rooted in the past.

Focus on Iran, daring the foreground , Nathalie Masduraud and Valerie Urrea

In Iran, a country torn between tradition and modernity, the photograph is a tool of expression but also a way of reclaiming one’s identity, far from the clichés of the western countries. Who are these artists that lead us on to territories unknown? How do they circumvent the “red line” of the banned? Five photographers iranians bear witness to the vitality of a creation, confronted with the rules and censorship of the State. A new vision of Iran.

Festival The Stars of the documentary, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November, the Forum des Images, Forum des halles, 2 rue du Cinema in Paris. Free admission.