Funny destiny as the saga, Fast & Furious . The polar origin, there remains only the body. Over the episodes, the franchise is bone of his frame police. Only thing left is the “zoom zoom” of its large vehicles. After eight feature-length films (a ninth is on the way for may 2020), the engine producer is still spinning at a thousand at a time. Even the tragic death of its star Paul Walker in 2013 has not stopped the furious fast and the mechanics of the car Universal.

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the First film derived from the universe Fast & Furious , Hobbs & Shaw happens to all berzingue in cinemas this summer. The steering wheel, Mr. Muscle Hollywood Dwayne Johnson and the “carrier” Jason Statham, in the respective roles of the federal agent Luke Hobbs and former member of british special forces Deckard Shaw. Since the last installment, these two secondary characters of the saga engage in a dogfight for the title of the bald fan-favorite. A rivalry fuel mainly to the jokes, phallic, bastons frantic and taken judo, freestyle. It’s going to take a nasty size to agree on these two. Who better than Brixton Lore, the “superman black”? A cyberterroriste mutant camped by Idris Elba, seeking to put the hand on a virus capable of eradicating humanity…

The audience will settle for this synopsis summary humant strong testosterone (Vanessa Kirby and Helen Mirren choke a little). The golem bodybuilder and the James Bond brawler are not there to think, even if Dwayne Johnson quotes happy Nietzsche. To see these men destroy or save the world on a whim and resolve any problems with uppercuts (bringing everything to a workout for a beginner), the philosopher mustache would be enough to refresh his theory of the Übermensch .

– Upmanship that borders on nanar

The supermen hollywood, these are them. It is enough to see Jason Statham to transcend his human condition behind the wheel of a McLaren zigzagging at full speed between the double deckers london, or “The Rock” shoot a helicopter at the end of arm. In a franchise like Fast & Furious who has accustomed his public to sequences that defy rationality (one remembers in particular a series of ziplines in sports car in the skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi or a parachute jump in car tuning), there is no room for doubt.

Hybrid totally uninhibited in the action film, Hobbs & Shaw is inscribed in this logic of escalation own to the franchise. One could roughly summarize the feature film of David Leitch to remake it completely stupid of lethal weapon full of computer-generated images, costly, and takes place between London, Moscow and the islands of Samoa. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, co-producers of the film, will even offer a final way in Seven Samurai mind-boggling, and nanardesque in a garage in the tuning of the archipelago of Oceania.

Too long? Without a doubt. Annoying? Certainly. Is this the cinema? We can doubt it. However, there is a form of pleasure downward to be lost in the absurdity of the hollywood production totally decerebrate. A franchise that has completely lost the pedals and puts the foot back on the accelerator.