“Some of you may wonder why we present this evening with both of you?”, asked Andy Samberg to the assistance of the Golden Globes last Sunday. “The reason for that is that we are the last two members of Hollywood who have not said anything insulting,” replied the actress Sandra Oh, the other host of the evening. A picnic sarcastic directed towards the industry of the american cinema, and, more particularly, to Kevin Hart, an actor in the drama since he agreed, and then abandoned two days later, to present the Oscars this year. The question arises. The actor has he really learned from his mistakes, or is he trying forgiveness to recover in extremis the title of host of the famous ceremony in america?

awareness, or act interested?

the One that said in his show Seriously Funny in 2010 that as a”heterosexual man”, if it could “prevent [her] son to be gay, [he] would do”, just to justify his comments. “I want it to be clear, said Monday night Kevin Hart at the microphone of his show Straight to the Hart . Once again, Kevin Hart apologised for his remarks which have hurt the community as LGBTQ. I present my apologies.” Subsequently, the actor of Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle reaffirms not having “no problem with gay people” and have “no bone homophobic in [his] body”. It also explains the jokes for which he was pinned, saying that they were fired from a sketch and shared out of context. And regarding his tweets from 2009 to 2011 also reported on the canvas, the comedian explained her understanding that the social climate has changed and that some of the remarks are no longer tolerated. Among the tweets targeted, we read the following: “If my son comes home and starts playing with the dolls house for my daughters, I the breaks on the head and tell him, “stop it, this is gay”!”

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During his show, Kevin Hart has also requested that his apology be accepted, in the name of equality. “I’m on your side,” he said. I understand you. But in the fight for equality, it is necessary that there is a place for change. If you do not agree that people can change, then how are you going to achieve equality?” He concludes the subject by stating that “given the era in which we live, we need to understand and accept the other as well as the change”.

Kevin Hart seemed to be yet party to live the dream of every personality of Hollywood. Distinction particular, the appointment of the presentation of the Oscars is annually scrutinized with as much attention as those in the various awards. In the previous two years, the presenter and comedian Jimmy Kimmel was responsible for entertaining the assembly throughout the ceremony. “A unique opportunity” pointed out Kevin Hart on the networks at the time of his appointment.

an apology more or less forced

Forced by the Academy to publicly apologize, Kevin Hart first, “chose to spend [his] tour”, claiming to have already made “several times” before finally apologizing to the networks. And to reiterate again on the set of Ellen DeGeneres, which has granted him his forgiveness and his support.

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But it is the only one. In parallel, many criticisms have been directed against the actor. Comedian Billy Eichner is indignant on the canvas, while the presenter of CNN Tonight Don Lemon spoke about it on his show. He was accused of not working enough to “change the homophobia within the black community” and that there can be, in reality, never apologized for his homophobic comments. The presenter also pointed out that homophobia remained a recurring pattern of killings and violence in the United States. After you have traded personally with Kevin Hart, Don Lemon has finally declared the “content” of the apology of the actor.

The awards ceremony of the Oscars will take place on the evening of 24 February and the Academy has still not announced a replacement.