Hospital chief of staff in the project evaluated the possibility of re-infection with coronavirus

the chief Physician of hospital in Kommunarka, where they treat patients with coronavirus, Denis Protsenko said that to assert that COVID-19 can not be infected again prematurely.

In an interview with the “Doc-Talk” on the First channel he explained that the disease is not yet well understood: “the History of the disease only six months, if you take the December.”

the Physician concluded that “accumulated data is not enough to say, “No, you are no longer infected, if you had kovida”.

this Protsenko, himself ill with the coronavirus, said about growth of population immunity to COVID-19. According to him, the doctors will have to see how this immunity will be forthcoming in the fall.

Note that just today in Russia revealed 687 862 thousand cases of coronavirus. For the entire period from the coronavirus in Russia died 10 thousand 296 people.

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