Worn out by the Covid, disappointed by the “Ségur”, worried about the summer: nine unions (including CGT, SUD and CFE-CGC) and collectives (including Inter-Hôpitaux and Inter-Urgences) are trying to relaunch the social movement at the hospital, before having to, according to them, “count the dead” for lack of means to treat the sick.

Rallies are planned in at least fifty cities, according to a list drawn up on Friday by the CGT: in Paris in front of the ministry from 1:30 p.m., as well as in Grenoble, Marseille, Nantes and Toulouse among the main ones, but also more small ones like Aurillac, Epernay or Cherbourg, where Emmanuel Macron came last week to announce a “flash mission” on the emergency services.

Because the fire is smoldering in the emergency room: for lack of carers, at least 120 services have been forced to limit their activity or are preparing for it, according to a count at the end of May from the Samu-Urgences association in France. It is moreover its president François Braun who will have to submit the conclusions of the “flash mission” to the Head of State by the end of June.

A calendar which amounts to “postponing the decisions after the legislative elections” of June 12 and 19, while the health system is already “in a disaster situation”, denounced the emergency doctor Christophe Prudhomme, of the CGT-Santé, Monday on RFI.

In an interview with the regional press on Friday, the Head of State promised to “take emergency decisions from July”, justifying this delay in order to “look at emergency service by emergency service and Samu by Samu, territory by territory where there are needs”.