According to the Belarusian TV showed an excerpt from a speech by President Alexander Lukashenko on the background of rumors about his hospitalization.

During a visit to the 103rd Vitebsk separate guards airborne brigade on 16 July the head of state spoke about the protests of the opposition.

According to him, some “outside forces” trying to undermine the situation in the country and to achieve the overthrow of the government, as it was in 2010.

Lukashenka recalled how ten years ago, protesters tried to break into government House.

“Yet here is this option — the overthrow of the existing government or to undermine the situation remains unchanged, but relevant… One against us from the outside will not attack, the situation is different,” said the President.

He also noted that the country had tried “to its knees”, including through sanctions.

Earlier, the Belarusian media and a number of telegram-channels reported about the hospitalization of Lukashenko, but his press Secretary issued a denial of this information.

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