In the latest comments made on Thursday by Michel Houellebecq in Harper’s , one sees the possibility of a controversy: according to the French writer, Donald Trump is simply “one of the best [he has] ever seen”.

For the French writer used to cultivate the controversy, the policy of disengagement international committed by Barack Obama and amplified by the current tenant of the White House is “very good news for the rest of the world”. “The Americans we let go of the cluster. They let us exist,” writes Houellebecq in this article, where he is also pleased that the United States has ceased to be “spread abroad” their values according to him are questionable as the democracy or the freedom of the press.

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In terms of international trade, “Trump brings a healthy dose of fresh air”, writes the Prix Goncourt in 2010 for the map and The territory . According to the author of elementary Particles , Donald Trump does not consider the free-trade globalized, as being in itself a panacea for human progress: “It is tearing the treaties and agreements when he thinks that he should not sign, and he’s right”.

according To Michel Houellebecq, the billionaire republican “was elected to defend the interests of american workers, and it defends the interests of american workers. We would have wanted to see this kind of attitude in France more often in the course of the last fifty years.”

according To him, “Europe is a stupid idea that turned into a nightmare”

The French writer, among the best known abroad is also in phase with the hostility of a Trump against the european Union and his party took to the Brexit: the Europeans have “or common values, or common interests, Europe did not exist, it is a stupid idea that turned into a nightmare”.

And if Trump proclaims itself the “nationalist”, much to the chagrin of democrats who see hints of the far right, Michel Houellebecq also identifies with this term. “The nationalists can talk to, while, strangely, this does not too much the internationalist,” he says, arguing, however, that “on a personal level, (Trump) is of course quite repulsive”, for “mocking the disabled” at a meeting of the electoral end of 2015.

“With an equivalent program, a conservative authentically christian – a person honorable, and moral – would have been better for America,” he argued. In the meantime, lance-t-il to the Us anti-Trump, “as you get used to the idea: in the last analysis, it may be that Trump has been an ordeal for you.”

about the content, highly provocative that fall a few days of the release, in January, the new novel from the writer, Serotonin – his first since Submission , in 2015.