We expected a lot of things except this. On 20 July, on the occasion of the presentation from Marvel Studios at the 50th Comic Con of San Diego, Kevin Feige, his boss, has announced the return of several super-heroes tossed about in the cinema: the Fantastic 4 and Blade. The announcement of these new films could also serve as a springboard for a portion of the new catalog that Disney has offered in the month of march by buying back the Fox. In the lot, also, the very heavy franchise, X-Men, that walk eyes wide in the cinema.

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Adapted to the cinema in 1998 and 2002 with Wesley Snipes in the title role, the return of Eric Brooks, aka Blade, has created a sensation in hall H of Comic Con San Diego and on the social networks. In fact, in addition to being an iconic character of the universe of the Marvel comic, Blade, played by Mahershala Ali, could open a portal to the X-Men to the MCU. It is, in any case, imagine the Hollywood Reporter .

Blade appeared in 10 of “The Tomb of Dracula”. Marvel Comics – Marv Wolfman – Gene Colan

Created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, Blade the vampire hunter appears for the first time in the issue 10 of Tomb of Dracula in 1973 but it is still a secondary character. A year later, he is propelled on the front of the stage with his first story solo in Vampire Tales .

The road Blade will intersect the X-Men forty years later. The arc Curse of the Mutants focuses on the story of a young vampire, Xarus, whose only wish is to overthrow his father Dracula. The continuation of the parricide, the group of mutants did call to Blade, the vampire hunter. This story could serve as the bridge between the ancient productions of New Line and Fox and the future of Marvel Studios.

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During the Comic Con, Kevin Feige announced the film and the name of the actor, but said nothing of its contents. However, we do know that the boss of Marvel wanting to want to explore new genres. The continued adventures of Doctor Strange will be the first horror film of the franchise. It will therefore not impossible that the Blade is in this vein that Marvel Studios explores a universe darker than the previous films.

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The release date of the new adventures of the vampire hunter today is not known. This will probably not be before 2021. But one can bet that to introduce the X-Men , Marvel has a solution to all found: one of his scenes postgénériques who created it always so much of excitement among the fans.