When we hear the word boxing we automatically think of sport giants like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson but we are also reminded of how vicious and dangerous this sport can be. Those who follow boxing tournaments and boxing championships know that it can become a game of life and death.

This might be a reason why so many are hesitant of learning and participating in this sport. However boxing is not just a sport anymore that can be solely played by those who are passionate about it and are willing to get injured and physically hurt while taking part in it.

The benefits of boxing have been observed and researched by many and now boxing is successfully incorporated in hardcore exercise routines to give you that optimum workout you seek.

Now it is rather recommended and suggested by many trainers and experts to definitely try out boxing in a safe and controlled environment because of the many health benefits that can be reaped out of this sport.

However if you are interested in the many health benefits we are going to discuss in this article then keep reading!

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Excellent Form of Cardio

Cardio is the best kind of exercise that your body needs. It helps make your heart stronger, increases your lung capacity, it helps you burn calories and lose weight. It is also an excellent way of blood circulation around your body.

And boxing is again an excellent way of doing cardio, it might seem like an easy exercise to do but in fact it requires a lot of strength from sthe participant. There are many exercising regimes you can find that incorporate boxing in them to give you an optimum workout.

And as you deliver punches the energy you use increases your heart rate and burns your fat. The exhilarating rush improves blood flow and circulation throughout your body.

This blood circulation will improve your mental health, eyesight and generally all your body functions.

Improves Core Strength

To deliver exact and perfect punches it is important to develop that strength and energy from the core, only then will the punches be impactful.

When you will start boxing you will realize that in the beginning your punches will not be very powerful but gradually as you keep practicing and training, you will develop that inner core strength and you will definitely get to deliver some killer punches after just a few weeks of training.

Core strength helps make your body stronger and allows you to achieve physically challenging tasks. So your stamina improves your resistances to outer physical harm increases and in general you get stronger muscles.

So if you are seeking a way of building your core strength then definitely start doing boxing.

Builds Upper Body Strength

Since most of your energy is used delivering punches in boxing, it is only natural that with time that the muscles of your arms and chest become bigger and much stronger.

So for building upper body strength boxing can be an excellent exercise to incorporate in your workout routine.

Improved Body Coordination

When in the ring it’s very important to remain focused and concentrate on your opponents every move, but that does not mean you can forget or let go of your own form. So while you are keeping an eye on your opponent you need to be able to deliver your own punches perfectly when you get the opportunity. This improves your mind, hand and eye coordination improving your over all body coordination.

This level of focus that is required from the athlete while boxing is very beneficial for your mental health.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Many psychiatrists and researches advice those who suffer from anxiety and stress to try and exert themselves and release negative energy in some way. And what better way than to train like a boxer and deliver kick ass punches?!

For mental health and to release stress and anxiety many people like to pretend that the punching bag is the source of all their worry and they just go on punching that as a way of getting rid of all their worry.

This exercise has proven to be very efficient and is regularly done by many people who suffer from mental problems such as anxiety and stress.