Firefly Aerospace is one of the leading developers of small, satellite launch vehicles for space missions. The company, majorly owned by Noosphere Ventures, provides economic and convenient access to space for small payloads by designing, manufacturing, and operating the launch vehicles. Firefly Aerospace is committed to restoring the US as a leader in the small to medium launch market. But that is not all; it is making new space available for everyone by opening its doors to the youths.

Max Polyakov and Firefly Aerospace launched project DREAM (Dedicated Research and Education Accelerated Mission) to provide opportunities for people of different ages to gain access to space. The project is part of the company’s commitment to supporting and encouraging STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The project DREAM is a global completion that accepts ideas from kids to young students and startup companies. The ideas range from a simple drawing to complex science experiments and orbital satellite construction. The winner of the completion will be on Firefly Alpha, which is Firefly’ inaugural flight to space.

STEM is an essential tool in growing the talents for the young generation. According to Deborah James, a member of the Firefly Advisory council, Firefly is using its lunar mission as a platform to increase the youths’ interest in science, engineering, and invention. Polyakov also thinks that space is a source of motivation and amazing practice for knowledge, experience, and innovation. Accordingly, STEM enables graduates and students to know things that no one ever thought about a decade ago.

The organizers of the project DREAM completed the selection process and are set to name the winner on June 30, 2020. The selected winner showed his project and provided a tech explanation of why his idea was the best. The winner will be aboard lightweight rocket Alpha, which is both scientific and commercial flight to the moon. The mission will comprise six satellites that will be delivered to low Earth orbit.

Tom Markusic founded Firefly Space System in 2014 to create lightweight launch vehicles. The company almost went under due to bankruptcy but Noosphere Ventures came to its rescue and renamed it Firefly Aerospace. Today, it is one of the 20 leading aerospace companies in the world. Polyakov also got an invitation from NASA to participate in the New Moon program Artemis. Besides, the company is now preparing to launch Firefly Alpha to space and is also working on improving Israel’s Beresheet Lunar Landing technology. If the factory in Florida is completed, Polyakov’s company will be conducting up to 24 flights annually.

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