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How Productivity Apps Can Help Your Startup Succeed

To succeed one shall be efficient. This is how it works in any kind of business. Time tracking instruments serve to make a project as productive as possible. Thus, it’s pretty understandable why entrepreneurs decide to apply for specific online resources.

To figure out how time management and productivity platforms can support your project growth, initially, you need to have a clear understanding of what those services are, so we shall start with that.

Productivity programs. What are they?

Intrinsically, the phenomenon of time management refers to the process when the available hours are allocated and wisely distributed to accomplish a specific mission and reach a target. The tool could be successfully applied for both personal and professional reasons.

Years back we could only rely on paper planners to run different operations, and today the era of new technologies offers us convenient digital solutions to assist with producing excellent results. Those time-management frameworks serve to prioritize various activities and improve our effectiveness.

Who could take advantage of online productivity resources?

It’s pretty clear that those systems can be of great benefit to entrepreneurs of diverse businesses. All individuals who seek tools to properly distribute their time can enjoy productivity software to enhance the efficiency of their activity.

Here’s the list of organizations that will be especially pleased to use such time tracking applications:

In general, the target demographics could be presented in the following two groups.

# Corporate productivity platforms

Undoubtedly, the given online services are truly valuable for companies of any size. Moreover, each business could also create an app for marketing and promotion to build upon its achievements. Staff members being unable to manage the time sensibly reduce the performance of the entire corporation, including sales volumes. That’s the fact. Thus, time management programs help to prevent such negative effects.

What online time trackers do for entrepreneurs:

Such frameworks are built to assist business owners to monitor employees’ productivity stressfree, effectively, and safely, being able to track the performance of each team member. That’s pretty convenient, don’t you agree?

# Personal time tracking solutions

Productivity and time management applications could be of great use for individual online visitors as well. Freelancers and self-employed specialists can also enjoy online resources in question to achieve greater effectiveness in their activities and obtain maximum results of their daily operations.

What online time trackers do for regular users:

To make sure time management software helps your business succeed, it must provide specific features. Let’s quickly look through the main aspects here.

Functionalities of time tracking systems

We’ve already distinguished what such platforms provide their users with, thus, we shall review what parameters are critical to ensure proper functioning.

Users’ panel

Here we are talking about functions that particular users expect to take advantage of:

Admins’ panel

Speaking of users with higher access levels, they’ll appreciate the following features:


Productivity services shall allow easy and simple integrations of third party programs. That shall better users’ interaction with time tracking applications, since such integrations serve to improve productivity instruments.

Multilanguage support

For reaching wider target demographics, an online solution shall be available in different languages. Some framework owners decide to start with one single option and add other languages steadily.

Offline operations

Users shall not worry about how reliable the Internet is, and they should have the possibility to do what they need even if the connection has been interrupted. Thus, the greatest time management resources function both online and offline.

All the mentioned-above features put together make productivity software decent and robust being able to foster your startup. Moreover, owners of such online systems can also make some extra money, so we shall explore those possibilities as well.

How to monetize your time tracking service

Let’s discover how those programs could be monetized:

Time management and productivity solutions, when created and applied wisely, will definitely enable your project faster development and greater success. So, go ahead and use it!

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