In the history of music, it is rare for a famous singer to produce another. That is to say, if Dave is happy to have Renaud at his side for his new album. Because the next record of the seventy-year-old Dutch, which will be released in the spring, it has been carried out under the auspices of the sixties. Generous, Renaud himself has himself has made an extraordinary gift: he booked the studios mythical PKI, where are the Pink Floyd, Serge Gainsbourg, jimi Hendrix, Cure, or Michel Polnareff, for the recordings which took place in September.

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“Renaud came into my dressing room and said to me : you’re a clown musical. It is true that I have the pretension of making people laugh”


Their meeting was by chance. The one and the other live for years near Avignon, but not attending more than that. “We both have a house near L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue. We greeted her politely when we met at the Leclerc, but it was all,” said Dave to the Figaro . The story could have stopped there, but the two men have made language, a day on the sidelines of a charity event. “We met for an association of children who are blind in a room of the Thors, a small village in the Vaucluse,” says Dave. Renaud came in my dressing room and said to me: “thou art a clown music”. It is true that I have the pretension of making people laugh.”

It is therefore with a good dose of humor and with a touch of self-deprecating humor that the two men are reconciled. To the point that the singer of Mistral winner wanted to know a bit more about the projects of the interpreter of Vanina. “ He wanted to listen to my new songs and soon decided that it would be the producer,” says Dave. To accompany the release of a book signed by the moderator of the RTL Marc-Olivier Fogiel, his friend, the singer of Dutch origin has unveiled this autumn, a first song. Entitled The Girl with two daddies , it discusses the same-sex parenting. “Every day, she awakens to life and she sees so much love around her that she does not hear the voice of the street protesters, who call the fight. The slogans that raise a strange debate on the right to live or not, for a child outside the act. (…) She smiles, look at it, this is the girl with two dads, as they say,” sings Dave. This song is for the moment only available on the Internet. His album, which has no name yet, will be released in the spring and will include at least eleven titles.