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The year is beautiful for Disney. Under the leadership of its CEO, Robert Allen “Bob” Iger, the company’s Mickey’s ears flooded with success the dark rooms of his films, the grandiloquent Avengers . Endgame , which is close to the success of Avatar , James Cameron, with $ 2.7 billion of revenue, up to the fourth installment of Toy Story , which (stripped of its brilliant creator John Lasseter, a victim of the movement #MeToo) has an intimate knowledge of the bar of the billion anyway.

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More recently, it is the remake of the lion King (the masterpiece, 1994), still in theaters, which has a total war chest of $ 1.2 billion. Figures large financial returns, but which reflect more the triumph of a marketing strategy implacable than the one of a remarkable audacity, or of an unbridled imagination on the part of Disney. Evidenced by just the remake of the lion King . Worn by the technical prowess and visual virtuoso Robert Legato …

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