Are you looking for jobs in France for English speakers? Here is the fun fact that 39% of the French population knows English, which is two-fifths of the French populace. French individuals are liberal and welcoming in nature. As per new research, there are plenty of work openings and jobs in France for English speakers as today in this ever-contracting world, English is not just a plus but a must-to-have skill in the French job market. Follow these tips to get a job in Paris for a non-French speaker-

  • Forge your network – Don’t make friends but a loyal tribe. Join social groups on Facebook, construct your LinkedIn account, and start with professional networking. Interact as much as possible with French people on social media, try to know their culture, enjoy hearty talks. Eventually, you will build rapport and ask them to help you to look for jobs in France for English speakers.
  • Work in a French company- Take up a job in a French company in your home country. Once you start to learn and start earning momentum, you can always switch to France. It remains one of the best ways to get a job in France. Visa and migration process will be taken care of by the company itself.
  • Craft and transform your CV- Heard this proverb – Fake it till you make it? Whenever applying for a job in France, mail them a french CV as the first impression is always the last impression. You don’t have to outrightly transform the whole CV into French but add relevant French terms. It will give a good impression and boost your chances of getting selected.
  • Put in an application for English speaking jobs- As per the study by ABA English language school, openings stay unfilled each year because of an absence of English education among French speakers. It makes numerous jobs in Paris for non-French speakers, so jump into a significant industry like the travel industry, PR, real estate, and NGOs that don’t specifically need French speakers yet open for all. In this way, you will have the option to segment, target, and position yourself in the business that addresses your issues and prerequisites. Bonus tip – Search for English-speaking jobs in France online!


  • Learn French etiquette and simple words- Do you know many English words like allowance, energy, fiancé, insult, menu, and navy, and much more that we use in our daily lives come from French origin. 40% of English words are actually French. Learning French etiquette helps you interact with French people and can land you in a good job.

There is a voguish and old french adage that petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid. It means slowly and silently, a bird fabricates its nest. So keep the hustle on and have patience and perseverance. It is not strenuous to get a job in Paris for a non-French speaker. Stay optimistic!