Ever since the state of California became the first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana, 32 other states have followed suit. Now, medical marijuana dispensaries are becoming a more common phenomenon. The U.S now boasts of over 1,700 dispensaries and with so many outlets, how do you identify good medical marijuana dispensaries near you?

Well, depending on your state, the number of dispensaries could vary from a few outlets to hundreds. So, if you’re looking for a place that sells effective, safe products here’s a breakdown on how to go about your search.

Licensing is Key 

Licenses were created for a reason. They’re a recognition by a formal regulatory body that a person or a business possesses the necessary qualifications to provide a product or service. The same goes for medical marijuana dispensaries. A licensed dispensary is proof that you’ll receive high-quality products that have been tested according to the required state standards.

A licensed dispensary also gives you confidence in the products you’re buying. You’ll be able to trust labels that show CBD and THC levels in all the products. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, you’ll then be able to select products that meet your needs.

Look Out for Full Testing 

Before a marijuana product hits any medical marijuana dispensary shelf, it needs to pass through a series of quality tests. After all, these are products meant for human consumption. Testing regulations vary from state to state, with individual states creating the quality requirements which marijuana products ought to meet.

When visiting a dispensary, ask for a certificate of analysis. The certificate is proof that the products in the dispensary have been tested for toxins, fungi, pesticides, and heavy metals. Get to learn your state’s cannabis regulations on the state government website and what your state government mandates for dispensaries.

Know What You Need

Shopping lists aren’t just for your weekly grocery shopping; they still serve a purpose when looking for your medical marijuana products. Knowing what you need, especially if you’re a first-time buyer, goes a long way in avoiding confusion. Unlike supermarkets where you can pick your favorite brands, medical marijuana dispensaries tend to be full of people looking for fast purchases.

All reputable dispensaries have websites where you can visit and get to see what’s on offer. Better still, you can visit a bunch of websites and compare prices. Keep an eye out for the cost per milligram of CBD. You’ll be surprised at how much value some stores offer.

Carry Your Medical Card or Recommendation

Buying cannabis-based products isn’t like buying your conventional six-pack at the local supermarket. Almost all 33 states require a valid marijuana card or a doctor’s recommendation. It’s a matter of safety and legal reasons as well. Adults often have to prove they have a legal right to buy marijuana-based products for medical purposes.

Medical recommendations are also helpful since they eliminate some of the guesswork associated with purchasing medical marijuana products. A specialist can easily recommend the most suitable products and dosages to ensure effective, safe treatment outcomes.

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