Increased usage of internet access and the rapid growth of the smartphone industry makes it easier for people to get information. In the field of marketing, this affects how the promotion is done. The use of social media which is actually means for social interaction between online individuals becomes commonly used by companies as a tool for promotion including in the tourism industry. The emergence of various social media applications creates opportunities for people to do business. Opportunities for social media do not stop at product endeavors. Service and tourism businesses have also started using social media as a means of attracting people’s attention to use or visit tourist destinations. The use of social media can have a positive impact in promoting and selling product.

One of the social media that is often used is Instagram, an application that allows users to share photos and pictures along with short messages with other users. This study discussed how Instagram as a social media can affect consumer purchase intention for product that we sell. Social media Instagram has become a means of promoting products that have very good prospects at this time. Instagram with all its advantages has a very wide market throughout the world. Various business opportunities, business information, marketing strategies for a product can be found in every user’s Instagram update

Marketing through social media will affect external factors that affect consumer perceptions of a product, which in turn will influence consumer purchase interest. One that plays a role in increasing the selling value is the number of followers on our Instagram account. Having a large number of active followers means increasing the likelihood of sales through every promotion we do on our Instagram account. Adding followers is what all Instagram users want to do and it is a unique matters.

This time I will tell you several ways how to rise your instagram followers which have proven successful and easy to do even for a beginner. Some of these ways are:

Use Instagram followers apps
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Don’t Lock your Instagram Account

The first step you can take is not to lock your Instagram account. The reason is, a private account will make your content inaccessible and visible to many people. This will make it difficult for you to get likes, comments or even new followers.

Create an Interesting and Positive Content

Interesting content can make other Instagram users or users interested in following your Instagram account. For that, you have to think about what concepts you want to display on Instagram. Don’t forget to pay attention to the quality of the photos and videos that you upload. Avoid uploading content that is of less than qualified quality.

Using Interesting Captions

Apart from the quality of the photos and videos, the caption or photo captions must also be considered. Interesting words in the caption can help you increase your followers. It doesn’t need to be long, just make one or two interesting sentences that match the photo you uploaded.

Regular uploading and promotions

Regularly uploading photos or videos is one way to increase Instagram followers. The reason is, the followers will continue to look forward to your interesting content and promotions of your products.

Follow and Like other Accounts

Not only accepting, as Instagram users we also have to follow other users. We also have to actively like the photo.

Share Content With High Visuals Quality Filters

Maybe some people don’t understand that how to quickly increase Instagram followers can also be done through attractive visual displays from their Instagram feed. Because often they just upload a photo or video without editing it first with good filters. The result is that Instagram posts are devoid of likes and comments

These methods mentioned above have been proven to increase the number of followers quickly and easily. Start now and get active/original followers who can help increase sales or the popularity of your Instagram account. I personally suggest using applications such as free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes which have been proven to be trusted to help increase the number of followers for free.