HRC: we All voluntarily agreed to be manipulated

the head of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) Valery Fadeev convinced that it is necessary to prohibit digital manipulation of citizens. According to him, the processing of personal data of citizens in social networks voluntarily cancels the articles of the Russian Constitution about privacy.

according to RIA “news” on the forum “Territory” Fadeev said: “we All voluntarily agreed to be manipulated”. While the Constitution is a mystery of private life, secrecy of correspondence, privacy of telephone communications and is prohibited under surveillance.

But now all the users of social networks to “voluntarily cancel these provisions,” said Fadeev. So, he says, “companies like Facebook… say that people have voluntarily given”. “But none of us, at least the majority, do not agree to be manipulated”, — he stressed.

the head of the HRC also said that now there are technologies which leads to the purchase of a product or service. So, he said, the manipulation should be banned, to find some solutions. “The theme of manipulation is very dangerous. We should remain free”, — said Fadeev.