Who would have thought? Hugh Grant, now fifty-eight years old, suffers from an inferiority complex. Sit at the famous table of the Hollywood Reporter , which regularly invites several artists for an interview together, the british actor has spoken about his relationship with success. The opportunity for him to share his relief of not having to turn in a romantic comedy, yet the origin of her long career. If he considers himself “lucky” to have succeeded so well in cinema and television, he admits, “less hate than before,” thanks to project darker than his early films.

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“people have looked at all those romantic comedies in which I played a nice guy, of roles written by Richard Curtis, who himself is a nice guy, then they said: ‘Oh, Hugh must really be like that’, but I am disgusting. Really.” Surrounded by Richard Madden ( Game of Thrones , Rocketman ), Billy Porter ( Kinky Boots ), Stephan James ( If Beale Street Could Talk ), Diego Luna ( Rogue One ) and Sam Rockwell ( 3 Billboards ), Hugh Grant knocks the mask. At his age, he feels that same “too old, too ugly and too big” to continue to play the lover numb.

“I firmly believe that our job is to entertain. And not to practise a kind of experiment, quasi-religious and bizarre.”

Hugh Grant

A role that has long stuck to the skin but which he refuses to complain to much: “I can watch it without problem almost all of these comedies” assume-does it, even if “one or two are terribly null and void”. “I firmly believe that our job is to entertain. And not to practise a kind of experiment, quasi-religious and bizarre.” If he appreciates this business, “artisan”, which for him is in the same lineage as “the guy who takes care of the lights, or the one who makes the mount”, he acknowledges to have expected “that all romantic comedies have been made” before he finally offers to different roles.

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Despite a cult of youth which is rampant in Hollywood, Hugh Grant does not dream to as of a conversion in production. At the peak of his career, he had been pleased to use its bits to be able to invest in the cast, the crew and even the poster of the films for which he had agreed to play. “I had strong opinions. I was mad, really mad. But after that, I had a life, I had children.” After this experience, the British refused to try the experience again: “It is horrible. It is like driving a car from the back seat. You torn the hair while someone else leads, to shout, “no, no, No, slower, and take the next right”.

Rid of the romantic comedies, the former ladies ‘ man keeps his good manners: he will come again in 2020 on the big screen in The Traveling , a thriller police officer Guy Ritchie, alongside Matthew McConaughey, Henry Golding and Colin Farrell.