“Hoist up, Villani!” could sing Hugues Aufray, to the address of Parisians will elect their new mayor in march. The lead singer of a 90-year-old joined the campaign team of Cédric Villani, a candidate in the municipal elections in Paris, as consultant in charge of arts and culture. He would try to help the old mathematician to succeed his bet, which is launched in the battle, although his party, The Republic in market (LREM), has appointed Benjamin Griveaux as its official candidate.

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A list motley

To conquer the city council, the deputy of the Essonne department has appealed to people from very different backgrounds. Called “Live in Paris”, the list unveiled yesterday is to say the least, eclectic. Professional politicians – such as Matthew, an Orphan, an mp who formerly belonged to LREM before leaving the majority, Ryan Nezzar, former spokesman of the party, and Paula Forteza, member of the French established out of France, alongside artists and intellectuals.

The writer of the franco-senegalese Fatou Diome and expert on islam Gilles Kepel are among these people least expected. As, therefore, Hugues Aufray. A few years ago, the translator of Santiano had been considering a bid in the presidential election of 2017, before you give up. This time, he entered into the campaign.

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