Human rights activists appealed to Golikova because stuck in Montenegro and India Russians

The Russian division of the International Committee for the protection of human rights has appealed to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, after complaints of Russians stranded in Goa, the lack of seats on the flight on may 28. According to the President of the Russian division Ivan Melnikov “Interfax”, according to the information received, more than 300 Russians from St. Petersburg located on the territory of India (state of Goa) and in connection with the closing because COVID-19 borders and air travel are unable to return home more than 2 months. Human rights activists added that citizens seeking to experience problems with accommodation, meals, and obtaining material assistance from the state. A spokesman said that Russian citizens are faced with administrative problems in trying to get help and return home. In addition, the Committee addressed the compatriots residing in Montenegro. Melnikov said that about 200 Russian citizens are unable to return home from this country. According to human rights activist, he turned to Tatiana Golikova to provide support for the protection of the rights of Russian citizens living in these countries, and to contribute fully to the organization of consular assistance, the provision of financial assistance and return home. Earlier, the Ministry of communications published a preliminary export schedule for flights from 27 may to 6 June. Sootvetstvuyuschaya information appeared in the Telegram-channel “Coronavirus: flights in Russia.” of 27 may: MLD581 Chisinau—St. Petersburg at 11:00;SVR8950 Yerevan—Novosibirsk—Ekaterinburg at 13:30. of 28 may: SDM6884 Goa—Saint Petersburg—Moscow at 14:30;UZB3648 Tashkent—Rostov-on-don at 6:00. of 29 may: AFL2137 Antalya—Istanbul—Moscow at 15:00;SVR8424 Dushanbe—Moscow at 16:00;AFL 2137 Frankfurt am main—Moscow at 20:00;UZB3633 Tashkent—Saint Petersburg in 5:35. of 30 may: AFL271 Bangkok—Saint Petersburg—Moscow at 10:00;AFL2583 London—Saint Petersburg—Moscow at 18:00;SVR8880 Dushanbe—Saint Petersburg at 19:00;AFL103 new York—Ekaterinburg—Novosibirsk at 19:20;AFL103 new York—Rostov-on-don—Makhachkala at 19:20;RLU5502 Beirut—Krasnodar at 16:50;MLD573 Chisinau—Moscow at 11:00. of 31 may: AIC1945 Delhi—Moscow at 5:05;AFL111 Miami—Saint-Petersburg—Moscow at 18:00. on June 2: AIC1945 Delhi—Moscow at 5:05;AFL251 Seoul—Vladivostok—Moscow at 13:00. of 3 June: AFL221 Guangzhou—Vladivostok—Moscow at 11:10. on June 6: UZB3667 Tashkent—Novosibirsk at 13:00.

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