Human rights activists: the Law on the three-day voting harder alienate the Russian elections on their constitutional purpose

Amendments to electoral laws allow to hold elections of different levels within three days, will further distance the Russian elections on their constitutional mission to be the highest expression of the will of the people. As reported by “Rain”, said the movement to protect the rights of voters “the Voice”. Human rights activists explained that under the current electoral practice and the existing legal regulation such a vote is not amenable to public scrutiny. In this regard, the amendments will require the adoption of additional legislative guarantees control and elimination of fraud and measures to counter coercion to vote. The bill would allow the recall of the member of election Commission with deliberative vote, on the proposal of his party. In motion “the Voice” I believe that the members of the commissions are in an unequal position, which ultimately will lead to greater control over the election commissions of administrations through pressure on the party. Human rights activists also considered deliberate limitation amendment that prohibits the appointment of observers, was in a different region. According to representatives of “Voices,” such a limitation “sharply discordant with the ability to move people from other regions and with the ability to vote in local elections to residents of some other States.” We will remind, yesterday the state Duma has approved in the first and second readings of amendments that implied that the holding of local elections and the Duma for three days. This legislative initiative was criticized and members of electoral commissions of Russia. They formed a petition, which proposed the CEC to abandon the idea of multi-day voting, and the state Duma and the Federation Council to prohibit this practice.

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