Conceived as an in-house workshop in the back of the courtyard, the young gallery – which also can’t be claimed as such, hence its name, Not A Gallery (NAG) – plays on other code, while alluding to the humor surrealist René Magritte. In a neighborhood rather small, where there are few spaces dedicated to contemporary art, NAG is a place to live where mix painting, sculpture, photography, furniture and crafts. In these different volumes built on 250m2, which once housed the stables, we walked from the lounge to the workshop on the paved ground, up to the boudoir closer to the floor.

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The paintings of Philippe Haroche flow of mixtures of abrasives red heat in an abstraction unbridled, as in Fondouk in Sana’a (2006) or in The Assembly (2007), a canvas in which we can guess silhouettes are barely suggested (6500 €). The play of textures is subtle, and the palette fades poetic. The self-taught photographer, born in 1953, is also trying recently to the representation of the body, plunged in the abyss of darkness green and purple, like the bowels of a galaxy unknown. Less convincing in this registry…

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We note the energy of André Hogommat, who launches his body of bronze slender in a spirit of voluntary (from 2900 €). The photos of Olivier Dassault influence the effects of raw materials such as fabric or metal, magnified by the film. It also recognizes the delicacy of the ceramics of Karen Swami.

Humanus – Not A Gallery 104, avenue Raymond-Poincaré (Paris Xvi) Tel.: 01 85 73 19 45

Hours: of the lun. fri. from 10 am to 19 h. until 14 dec.